Tips from Writers Workshops

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If you haven’t sat in on Brandon Sanderson’s FREE online classes then you have been missing out big time. He is an American writer, best known for the Mistborn series and for his work in completing Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time. In 2010, Sanderson published The Way of Kings which is the first book in a series of ten,
called The Stormlight Archive.

Join this site (no charge) for access to Brandon Sanderson’s free online classes. Click the Learn link on the top of the page and then choose which lesson you want to watch – they are all good, believe me. Write About Dragons

Tips from Writers Workshops

I gleaned the following advice from various workshops I have done.  It mostly applies to fiction writing, and  I found it very useful and easy to put into practise.

Give the main character a life beyond the plot.  He/she should be going about their life when the plot hits them.  What do they most want out of life?  Make them have more depth by giving them a unique view on things.  Show the reader how your character sees the world, don’t tell them.  This can be hard to do.  How do you show, Timmy hates his school, without telling?  Use dialogue.  Introducing the audience to the story feels fake to the reader.  This is why it’s important to show who your characters are, rather than tell.

Try to add some concreteness without adding words, where possible.  It holds people and sets the foundation of your story.  Let the reader know what the setting is through the character’s eyes, whenever you can.  Be precise with few words. For instance, describing a bed in a room.  It’s a wooden bed.  You could say that it’s an oak bed or a dark oak bed.  The image that comes to the readers mind tells what kind of bed it is, even what color, with such few words.

Make your story meaningful.  Readers of fiction want to be entertained.  Be fun, put in a protagonist who believes different from you.  Research their philosophy and use it.  Start writing because you want to entertain.

More on this topic here:  MARSocial


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