How to make your own editing rules sheet

Need a Style Sheet for editing? Here’s some good tips and links from Jean Cogdell.

Jean's Writing

Professionally known as aStyle Sheet.

I’m not referring to a list of what matches what hanging in your closet.

closet-912694_640Or the hottest trends from InStyle Magazine. 

No, this is a document where you define the writing style and rules that apply to your WIP.

  • Is the style of your WIP American or British English? 
  • Do you use contractions? (This is one of my problems. Sometimes I feel like a contraction sometime I don’t.)
  • Are you going to spell out the numbers or not?

See where I’m going? Finding these errors first is very important to presenting quality work to an editor that you’ve done some of your own redline editing.

apple-473629_640I call mine a cheat sheet. Some writers use an electronic file folder, others like Scrivener’s templates to help with character info to keep the story uniform. 

But, now that I understand the importance of an actual Style Sheet is, I’m going to streamline the process…

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Authors -Get more out of 2016

I think this might be a helpful list for me to keep in mind.

Author Ash Stone

We all have made New Year resolutions over the years. 2015 was no different.  A lot of people made them and a lot of people never followed them through.

As an author I vow every year to finish my series and spend time promoting them. Every year I fall into the same rut of trying to balance a full time job, kids, home, businesses and my author brand, without getting to that very important work in progress. I end up stressed and demotivated.


This year rather than making one big resolution, I’ve decided to set small goals for every month. It’s a day by day kind of thing, but at least it’s more focused.

As authors, you can get more out of 2016 and ultimately do less work but reap more rewards by following this same principle. Don’t make one long term commitment. Rather set small little commitments.

Week 1  – get organised…

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Publishing mistakes I made this year

Some do’s and don’ts for self-publishers from Jean M. Cogdells’ blog.

Jean's Writing

First, let me say my mistakes were expensive.

crap-1076822_640Now that I’ve got that off my chest I’ll try to share something constructive.


  • I rushed the process.

Those who know me, stop snickering. I’ll admit patience is a problem for me sometimes. But after working on the same project over and over and over and over until I was sick of it and ready to put that baby to bed. I ended up submitting it three times due to errors found in the proof copy.

  • I didn’t understand the IngramSpark process before I started.

That turned out to be a very costly mistake. They use different templates than Createspace and well, everything is different. I’d read it was the easiest and cheapest self-publishing platform to use and it was.

So if you are looking for a step by step way to get a book self-published with little cost Createspace is the way to go.

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