Science Fiction Agents 2016

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This Week’s Self-publishing News

Author Earnings Hugh Howey on self-published authors earning more on e-books than Big Five authors, one trade publishers says e-book sales drop may be temporary

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Use Your Darkness: How Writers’ Shortcomings Benefit Their Characters

‘Draw from your own shortcomings’ – as Drew Chial would say.

Drew Chial

Know Thy Self

Most of us avoid doing anything out of character. We don’t want our routines to get broken. If our lives have to change we want it to be so gradual that we don’t even notice. If we’re stuck in a rut we try to make ourselves comfortable with it. It doesn’t matter if every day feels the same, we choose to live in Groundhog Day scenarios because it’s what we know.

We predict how we’ll manage in tough spots, overlooking the difference between our ideal selves and our applied selves, between our routine self and our chaotic self.We gossip about other losers who fell apart under pressure, patting ourselves on the back for how we assume we’d react differently. We’d like to believe we wouldn’t panic from the comfort of our love seats.

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Independent Publishing and the Chinese Market: Issues of Translation

Thinking of translating your book into Chinese? Here’s another very useful post from Christine Sun on the pros and cons.

Voices under the Sun


So far I have provided a general introduction to the Chinese Market and opportunities for independent authors to succeed there, especially through popular platforms such as Fiberead. Here, I would like to discuss the most important element in the process of internalisation – translation – with a focus on that from English to Chinese.

As a professional translator with more than 18 years of experience in English/Chinese translation, I have seen plenty of cases where excellent translation helps to transform English titles into bestselling Chinese masterpieces. Meanwhile, I have also seen plenty of Chinese translation mistakes that completely destroyed the literary voices of some English authors, not to mention the chances of their titles to survive in the Chinese World.

It is obvious that I advocate for professional translation, which, like professional editing and cover design, requires authors to pay for quality. However, I would like to emphasise…

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Calling all romance and women’s fiction authors!

romance festival

The #BFILoveFest virtual romance festival is happening between 20th and 22nd November. We would love you to be involved.

There are a few ways you can:

  1. You could do something during the live festival – we are very open to your ideas. The themes of the festival are Fatal Attractions, Power of Love and Fools for Love.
  1. You could answer a Q&A so we can profile you on this website – we’ll need it returned by November 10th with your photo.
  1. Or perhaps you’d prefer to write a blog post around any of the themes above or about your favourite romantic film/book.

Email us at and let us know what you fancy.

Also, if you are happy to tweet and Facebook to promote the festival, that would be great. Everyone needs to register here and the hashtag is #BFILoveFest

Make sure to follow us on social: Twitter here:

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