Authors: Know the story of @Fiberead if you’re interested in the Chinese Market #selfpub #selfpublishing #indiepub

If you’re thinking of translating your book into Chinese this is a very enlightening post by Christine Sun.

Voices under the Sun


For those (independent) English-language authors interested in entering the Chinese Market, Fiberead is a game-changer. The Beijing-based company was founded by Runa Jiang, a graduate in journalism from Tianjin Polytechnic University who once worked for, the so-called “Wikipedia of news translation” in China. As reported by NiemanLab, all of the Chinese-language material on Yeeyan “has been translated from English sources by members of the Yeeyan community, almost always for free”.

Jiang’s expertise in crowdsourcing was crucial when she started Fiberead in 2012. Having correctly identified a strong desire among Chinese readers for fresh, diverse, original and foreign content – and perhaps an even stronger desire among international authors to enter the Chinese Market – Jiang and her small team set up Fiberead as an online facilitator for direct collaborations between foreign authors and voluntary Chinese translators. According to Bloomberg Businessweek China, as of September 2015, Fiberead has…

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