10 Things that happen when you write a plot twist #writers #SundayBlogShare

All true, anyone who lives with a writer will agree, lol.



  1. Evil writer smirk. This will appear as soon as your mind says ‘plot twist’. You will raise your head from your laptop or notepad and the evil smirk will be creeping over your face.
  2. Loved ones quickly leave the room. The sight of your evil writer smirkwill make those around you feel uncomfortable and want to exit the room quickly. Even though they love and care for you there is a darker side to you which they still don’t understand.
  3. Plot twist rationale. You run through your rationale forusing a plot twist. It will energise your story whilst at the same time advancing your plot. It will be integral to the plot and the reader will understand in time why you have deceived them. You know that plot twists are dangerous writing devices and are not to be used willy-nilly.
  4. You prepare to catch the reader off guard. There…

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