Coming to terms with ‘your first novel might not be everyone’s cup of tea’ comment #Writer 

Ah, that first novel…….



As a fresh faced newbie writer you can find yourself believing that everyone will LOVE what you write.

In your head everyone (let me just emphasize everyone) will buy your first book and be thinking about it for weeks after reading it. Why wouldn’t they? You are shiny new writing talent.

So, picture this, there you are lying on your sofa daydreaming about EVERYONEreading and loving your debut novel. You got a bit over excited earlier with the daydream and have now been forced to lie still, hugging your manuscript, with a cold damp flannel over your forehead.

Cut your loved one’s helpful comment:

Youdo understand that your first book might not be everyone’s cup of tea don’t you love?”

Cue your garbled scream and the cold damp flannel being flung across the living room:

“What are you saying? You mean my book won’t appeal to EVERYONE?”


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