Searching for Buried Treasure: 5 Research Tips for Writers

Good tips here for researching when writing a book, particularly historical fiction. Thanks Patti.

P.A. Moed

A few months ago, I started reading a historical fiction novel set in Italy. Since it took place during World War II–the same time as my new novel–I was eager to read it. Besides, I can’t resist anything set in Italy. So late one night, I curled up with the book, eager to devour it.  I read one chapter. Then, two.  But within an half hour, I was getting impatient.  After an hour, I stopped cold and turned off my iPad.


The writing annoyed me. There were glaring mistakes, like the italicized phrases that were supposed to be Italian, but did not exist in that language or worst still, they were incorrect.  For example, Germans are called “Germanesi,” instead of “Tedeschi.”  Soup is called “menestra,” but it should be “minestra.

There were also assumptions about geography and customs.  In one scene…

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5 thoughts on “Searching for Buried Treasure: 5 Research Tips for Writers

  1. BTW: This historical faketion is great tribute to the “Great Generation” of women that sacrificed their life to serve the nation. People like your great mother “mom-with-roses2”

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