This brought a smile to my face. Thank you, Tom Hocknell.

Idle blogs of an idle fellow

At risk of sounding like a songwriter singing about writer’s block, I’m a month into blogging so it’s probably time to blog about blogging; as the band once named itself – Pop will eat itself.

For a start, it’s harder than it looks which admittedly isn’t hard. You stare at the screen with the sort of expression facing middle class problems, like what to buy builders in thanks for the sort of hard work that went out of fashion with Stalin. Any alien dropping in would wonder why you aren’t doing a proper job, like building, instead of eking out tea under the resentful eye of the coffee shop proprietor while hovering your fingers over a keyboard.

I once harboured intentions to be a newspaper columnist, until I realised that for good copy you need interesting things happening to you. All the time. Local parks are populated by drinkers, people without gardens, and columnists hoping a…

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