Writing Wednesday: Stylistic Advice and Why We Loathe It

Everyone’s style is unique and there are readers that like very different types of writing, so ‘one size does not fit all’. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post.

Piss, Coffee, and Vinegar


Writing Wednesday: Stylistic Advice And Why We Loathe It

There are three pieces of ‘writing advice’ I see mouthed by pretty much every Internet denizen who has ever put pen to notepad. These are:

1) Never use passive voice.
2) Adverbs are the sweet, sweet children of Satan, and you should never use them.
3) Never use any speech tag aside from ‘said’. Or, conversely: use ANY speech tag that ISN’T said.

I take exception to all three of these. There’s a place for passive voice, a place for adverbs, places where ‘said’ is/isn’t appropriate. Can you guess why I’m bringing this up?

Yes, it’s because I’m going to offer you writing advice. It is, indeed, Writing Wednesday. And my writing advice takes the form of this simple, easy to follow rule:


Writing is a creative discipline, just like painting or acting. And when I start…

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