Francis Ledwidge Irish Poet and Soldier

Jean Reinhardt

A tribute on Remembrance Day, 2014

Francis Ledwidge (1887-1917)

francis ledwidge war years

Irish Poet, Francis Ledwidge, was born in Slane, county Meath, into a family of little means, the eighth of nine children. His parents, Patrick and Anne Ledwidge, gave their children the best education they could afford. When Francis was five his father died, forcing his wife and children to work in order to survive. Francis left the local national school aged thirteen, but continued to educate himself. He worked at whatever he could find, a farm hand, road mender, and mining copper. As a miner he was sacked for organising a strike for better working conditions, three years before the 1913 general strike. He was a trade union activist from 1906 and was appointed secretary of the Slane branch of the Meath Labour Union (1913–14).

While working as a road labourer he won the patronage of Lord Dunsany after writing to him in 1912, enclosing copybooks…

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A Bad Book Review

I’m reblogging this if you don’t mind Shirley. It’s good advice for new authors. I made the mistake of trying to change my style of writing in a sequel to one of my books because of a couple of bad reviews. I had to delete half a chapter because when I read over it I realised it just wasn’t me and there was a lot more good reviews than bad. I always say I won’t look at any new reviews, but I end up doing it anyway. I’m developing a thick skin, lol.

Shirley McLain

The only way to respond to a bad book review

We All Get There We All Get There

As a writer when I have received my first bad review I have to admit made me doubt myself. In fact it made me almost quit writing. Then I decided they didn’t know what they were talking about and I didn’t care what was said because to me I do wonderful work 🙂  This article will tell you the right way to handle your bad reviews. Maybe you will be lucky and never receive any.  Enjoy

My first Amazon review included two stars and the words “very disappointing.” The reader had expected a different kind of book, so the review seemed unfair to me, as if the book wasn’t being judged on its own merit but on the reader’s desire for something else. One of my “favorite” GoodReads reviews of my book simply states, “Wasn’t great writing…

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