Does Research Really Matter?

I would totally agree with you on that. Whether it’s for historical fiction or futuristic fiction I still put the same amount of research in. In fact, there’s even a stack of research goes into an autobiography.

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As far as I’m concerned research is everything.

I can’t speak for any other writer out there, but when it comes to my books, they are the end product of seventy percent research plus thirty percent writing.

When I finally decide on a topic, I spend many months finding out everything I can about it. It doesn’t matter which of the genres I write in be it fantasy, science fiction or all kinds of adventure story. My latest will fit into the latter.

Without comprehensive research, the story just won’t gel. More often than not, as I spend ten hours a day, seven days a week for maybe four to six months reading up on the subject, I will come across a sentence in some dusty tome on the subject which gives me the inkling of an idea for the story. As for my sources, here at home I have…

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