St. Kevin’s Kitchen – Glendalough

This is a fabulous example of a 12th century church courtesy of Ed Mooney and the setting is just perfect. One of my favourite photos from Ed.

Ed Mooney Photography

St. Kevins Church (1)

Directly adjacent St. Kierans Church we find the 12th century church of St. Kevin. It is quite remarkable in the fact that it is the only building within the Monastic City to survive with its roof intact. This church which is also known as Kevin’s Kitchen due to the rather unusual miniature Round Tower attached which acted as a belfry, and is said to resemble a kitchen chimney, however no food is believed to have ever been cooked here. The belfry tower with its conical cap and four small windows rises up from the west end of the churches stone roof and resembles its much larger neighbouring Round Tower. The tower is three stories high. The church was originally a small rectangular single-celled church consisting of a nave, with the entrance door in the west end and a small round-headed window in the east gable.  Later on a…

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