Ogham; The Secret Code of our Ancestors

There’s a great link in this post where you can see what your name looks like in Ogham. I found this a fascinating post. Thanks to Ali.


One of the most intriguing mysteries we have inherited from our early Irish ancestors, in my opinion, is the lack of historical documentation they left behind. It is generally accepted, nowadays, that theirs was an oral tradition. Histories were handed down through the centuries in the form of story, song and poetry by bards and druids, amongst  great secrecy. They were recorded not in books, but in brains; shared not by reading, but by mouth.

I don’t dispute that.

What I would say, is that the oldest documents recorded which were not ‘written in stone’… or clay…or tablet form, for the most part, seem to stretch back no further than 4000 years. Those we have are usually copies of much older content, made when the original began to crumble. Google it; there are all kinds of extravagant claims out there. I’m simply making a point; documents were generally written on…

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