Fond Memories of Ann B. Davis

 Photo courtesy MSN Entertainment Canada.

Photo courtesy MSN Entertainment Canada.

I was sorry to hear that Ann B. Davis had died, I have fond memories of her character, Alice Nelson. Thinking about the long running show she was such a big part off, got me wondering if the Brady Bunch and Alice had some sort of influence on me as a child.

I used to watch the show regularly and Alice was always there dropping a one liner or picking up laundry. We had no boys in our family, all girls – four of us – and I used to imagine that we had four brothers, just like the Bradys, plus one. Mine was a twin called Tony. That’s as far as it went, no voices in my head (shut up, Jan) and we never had a housekeeper like Alice to pick up our stuff. Sure that’s what mothers where there for, weren’t they?

I don’t think so. I remember with my own kids, trying to hoover a Lego covered floor (having given the usual fifteen minute warning). They would wait until the last minute to see if I would really carry out my threats to suck up those expensive little pieces of plastic. You’ve never seen kids move so fast once the first block disappeared up the pipe. I learned that one from Alice.

I know that Ann B. Davis leaves a legacy of entertainment behind, but I will always associate her with a certain dish – meatloaf. I don’t believe it was cooked in the average Irish household at the time, at least not in our house. I saw Alice cook so many meatloaves it made me want to try it. When I did get round to preparing it for a dinner I was really disappointed to find out it tasted just like minced beef held together with gravy. Maybe I should have another try but with a different recipe.

Just to remind you of what a cool lady Ann B. Davis was, here she is in this video clip, still picking up things but this time it’s a passenger (or is it two?)

Ann B. Davis Trucking With Jan and Jan


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