The Problem Could Be That…..

I just know that I’m not the only one reading this brilliant post by Jo Robinson identifying with so much of what she says. Most writers will see themselves in it. I always felt a bit different or out of kilter with everyone around me when I was younger. I thought it was because I liked to read so much but now I realize that it wasn’t the reading but more what my head was doing with it that affected me.

Jo Robinson

Some of us only realised that we were writers when we were already fairly long in the tooth. Whatever that means – I don’t have long teeth – just checked to be sure. I spent most of the years before that wondering what cruel joke the universe had been playing on me by making me pop up on this rock without a clue as to my life’s purpose. I’ve spent my life doing really peculiar things that I tended not to talk about just in case people thought I was weirder than they already did. That’s a problem – having a writerly train of thought without being able to tell people that you are one. These oddities are accepted as normal from creative people, and I must say, that since I finally found that amazingly joyful realisation that my purpose on this go around was to be a scribbler, I…

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