Writing and Striking a Balance


Are you shackled to your keyboard? Do you sometimes feel like a captive in a prison of your own making? Not to worry, you are definitely not alone. It can be so hard striking a balance between writing and other important things in your life. If you are not a full time writer, it’s even more difficult. I have a nail salon to run and have reduced my working week from five days to four in order to spend more time writing. In time I hope to whittle it down to just three but it’s how I earn a living, for now, and I enjoy being there with my clients.

If you are self-published, as I am, then you know how much time is eaten up in your week taking care of social media, blogging, keeping up with what’s new, organizing book launches/signings, promoting your work etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. All of this consumes many precious hours which, you tell yourself, could be spent on your writing. If you want to write just for the pleasure of it, by all means do. There will be no publication deadline to meet, no pressure from having to learn or keep up with the marketing end of things and no worries about trying to find readers. If you want to share your work then some of these things you will have to do or pay someone else to do it – great if you can afford it. However, to make a living as an author is a whole different ball game. When I decided that writing was how I would like to eventually earn a living, it changed everything….read the rest here


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