Hunting for the Muse

It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday morning and I have been chasing the Muse around my head for at least an hour. Whenever I did manage to catch up with it, I squeezed another few sentences out before it disappeared. So, after an hour of being as disciplined as I can, I finally put the last word to my latest chapter of Finding Henry Brubaker. I am on a deadline with this book so I really do have to sit down most every day and write something. Thank goodness for editing. Imagine if whatever we wrote could not be erased or changed.

So today I have written about three hundred words. Tomorrow I hope to write a lot more. The trouble is, I have to go to work in an hour and by the time I get home, the Muse will have gone. I am at my most creative in the mornings. I know what you’re thinking – 300 words, call that creative? Well some days I am more creative than others. When I began writing my first book, I tried to follow the advice of more experienced authors. Most will say to write every day, even if the Muse does not grab you. Sometimes, like this morning, it’s me that is grabbing the Muse and beating the inspiration out of it.

Having written and published three books, I think I have found what works best for me. There are lots of days when the inspiration is there and thousands of words just flow from my fingertips and I cannot type fast enough to keep up with the ideas filling my head. Just about every book I have read on the subject of writing says that a writer must be disciplined. Write every day, even on those days when you have to go to work (if you are not fortunate enough to earn a living from writing – yet). READ MORE HERE


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