PicMonkey Makes The Perfect Accessory For Your FB Page



I’ve sung the praises of PicMonkey before, but the PicMonkey feature I love the most is the one that easily creates a stylish and, most importantly, perfectly sized header photo for your Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 11.13.30

Dead Good Books, my favorite Facebook page, makes excellent use of their header space, but then they’re Random House. Me sitting at home trying to make this myself — and make it the right size — would only end in tears.

Remembering that a Facebook page is one you ‘like’ (not a profile that you connect with as ‘friends’), the header photo is the one that appears across the top of the page, above the profile picture and the info bar that contains things like ‘About’ and links to areas such as Photos, etc. Technically it shouldn’t be used for advertising, but any self-publisher worth their salt will have something connected to their book…

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The Importance of Delusions: The Four That All Writers Need

Great blog to follow, I really liked this post.

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

Imaginary FriendsWhen I was a child, I never had one imaginary friend.  I could never limit myself to one. And when I did seek them out, I would steal them left and right from books, having in the end something more akin to a kingdom in my head.

The funny thing is this kingdom is still around. No, I don’t need any help, but they are there, transformed now from warriors and wizards into readers, editors, agents, interviewers and publishers.

And if I am walking my dog on a late evening, there is a chance I might be working out a pretend interview in my head or I might be thinking of a meeting with a producer interested in one of my books, figuring out how I would pitch the material. Typically, I don’t talk out loud (even my dog would question my sanity then), but those conversations are there as…

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